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Make your flatbed truck rentals in Seattle affordable & fast by choosing Del's Truck Rentals! For large projects, you need a flatbed truck you can count on. You need your truck to hold the materials for your job. You also need your flatbed truck in Seattle to be powerful enough to haul these materials to your next site.

When you choose Del's Truck Rentals for Flatbed Truck rental, you receive that and more. We understand that you turn to our flatbed rental in the Seattle, WA area when you need a truck for an extra-large job or a temporary project. You don't want to waste time or money investing in your own fleet, especially when you may not need the truck for long.

Our Flatbed Truck Rentals in Seattle Meet Your Standards

Our customers have high expectations. We strive to meet them. When you make a rental reservation with our company, we keep it. We guarantee it.

If you need a particular size or model of flatbed truck, you can count on our wide selection.

You can select flatbed trucks with or without sides. They also come with electric brakes and hitches for your towing needs. If you need tie straps, we have them available for daily rental upon request.

12′ to 16′ Flatbed Trucks12' Flatbed rental with sides  1 (1)


We have a wide selection of 12' to 16' flatbed trucks. The flatbeds' payload capacity ranges from 5,000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs.




24' Non CDL Flatbed Rental 120′ to 24′ Flatbed Trucks

We carry 20' to 24' flatbed trucks. The flatbeds' payload capacity ranges from 10,000 – 11,000 lbs





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For pricing information, call our office. Prices vary depending on rental time and other factors, so call 425.485.9189 for a quote for your flatbed truck rental in Seattle, WA.

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