Why Rent a Van for Your Employees Before You Buy?

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The passenger van is an asset that you might not even realize your company needs. From business trips to meetings across town, a van is a business transportation alternative that all sizes of companies can explore. Before you invest in your own van, take a look at the benefits of renting one.

Major Investment Decision

Will your business benefit from a van? If you can’t answer this question definitively, renting a van allows you to try out this transportation option without making a major investment. While transporting your employees in the van, consider these pre-buying issues:

  • The fit. Do the number of employees match the size of the van? Make sure that everyone is comfortably seated and that no one has to drive themselves separately. This defeats the purpose of the van and makes buying one a poor investment.
  • The comfort level. Do your employees enjoy the van? This type of transportation should make life easier and more comfortable for everyone involved.
  • The use. Are you actually using the van? This is a question to ask over time. If you’re constantly renting vans, buying one may benefit your business. But if you only use the van once a month or less, renting a vehicle makes more financial sense.

A one-time rental may not help you make a firm decision. You’ll likely need to rent a van on several separate occasions to decide whether buying one would be an efficient, effective, and financially smart move.

Employee Opinion

While the decision to continue renting or eventually buy a van is ultimately yours, listening to your employees’ opinions can help. Renting a van for business trips, out-of-the-office meetings, and other occasions provides you with a way to get focus group-type answers to your questions.

Buying a van and then asking for your employees’ opinions may cost you in the long run. Following each rental, sit down with your employees and ask them about:

  • Their likes. What did the employees like about the rental? Ask for specifics. Generalizations such as “It was good” or “The ride was fine” won’t help.
  • Their dislikes. What didn’t the employees like about the rental? Again, ask for specifics.
  • Their suggestions. Use your employees’ creativity and innovative thinking to your advantage. Along with likes and dislikes, ask what other transportation ideas they have.

You can get your employees’ opinions in several different ways. Sit them down for a meeting-style focus group, send out an email questionnaire, or ask each employee about their thoughts in a one-on-one discussion.

Cost Savings Calculator

You’re ready to invest in a business van, but you still need to crunch the numbers. Renting a van can help you to get a better grip on the financial costs of this type of transportation. When renting the van, consider:

  • The distances traveled. Where are your employees going in the van? Track the distances traveled or ask the van rental company for that information. Heavy use or long-distance travel will affect the cost-effectiveness of this transportation option.
  • The cost to travel. While every vehicle has a somewhat different cost to operate, renting a van gives you a general idea of the price per mile. If you’re not sure how much the van costs to drive, speak to the rental agency about what gas typically costs per mile.
  • The price of insurance. Gas isn’t the only factor that goes into the overall cost of operation. Buying your own insurance for the van may increase the investment price tag to an unrealistic amount.

If the costs of the van, gas, and insurance don’t balance out with your expected use, renting a van is likely the more affordable option.

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