Tips for Planning and Executing an Eco-Friendly Move

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Between packing, planning, and finding friends willing to help lug boxes, moving can be very stressful. If you’re an environmentally conscious homeowner, you’ll also want to plan are location that doesn’t waste any of Mother Nature’s resources. Luckily, you can do several simple things to plan an environmentally friendly move.

Here are a few tips to help you plan and execute an eco-friendly move.

Declutter Your Home

The first step in any move is to eliminate as much clutter as possible. You might not realize that this is an eco-conscious process because getting rid of belongings you don’t want in your new home cuts down on your need for packing supplies. The most efficient way to declutter your home is room by room. Divide all the items into four categories: stuff to keep, stuff to sell or donate, garbage, and recyclables.

Several items throughout your home can be recycled for free or a very small fee. These items include your old cellular phones, televisions, batteries, appliances, and computers.

You might own many other items that you are recyclable, as well. For example, those old keys you have lying around are recyclable. So are your used pantyhose, eye glasses and clothing. Instead of tossing these items in the trash, locate a recycling center in your area that accepts these items. In many areas, charitable organizations recycle items and donate any proceeds.

Get Creative With Your Packing Materials

If you’re like most homeowners planning a move, cardboard boxes area necessity. However, before you head to your local supermarket to pick up some free boxes, note that any boxes that contained food are contaminated and therefore no longer recyclable.

Instead, purchase new cardboard boxes that are made from recycled materials. If you want to utilize used boxes, choose places where the boxes were not exposed to food. In addition to no longer being recyclable, boxes that once housed food will also attract insects.

Wrapping your breakables with old newspapers, towels, sheets, and clothing is not only environmentally friendly but also saves you money. If you run out of packing materials at home, you can find wrapping paper that is specifically designed to prevent scratches and other damage. The paper is effective and recyclable.

If you’re willing to spend more money, you can rent recycled plastic bins. Look for a company that is full-service, meaning they will drop off and pick up the plastic bins for you.

Map Out the Most Efficient Travel Route

Whether you’re moving across the county or across the state, mapping out the most efficient route will help you save money, time, and fuel. If you have a GPS on your phone or in your car, you can often discover the most efficient route. In addition, you will be notified of any upcoming obstructions, such as an accident or road construction.

Clean Your Home or Apartment With Eco-Friendly Products

If you’ve recently sold your home or are moving out of your apartment, one of the last steps you will take is to perform a thorough cleaning.

Choose products that are labeled as environmentally friendly, or use items from your pantry or under the kitchen sink to clean without harming Mother Nature.

For example, a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda is a simple and effective cleaner that you can use throughout your home.

Cut Down on the Number of Trips You Make

If you’re moving a modest distance, you might enlist the help of any friends or family members with trucks or small trailers to help you get your stuff to your new home or apartment. Unfortunately, in addition to paying for all that extra gas, the emission from all those vehicles isn’t good for the environment.

Also, if you are using a handful of vehicles, it will mean additional trips.

Renting a moving truck is a great option because it will allow you to move more items to your home in one vehicle. This will also mean fewer trips. Rental trucks come in a variety of sizes to meet any homeowner’s needs. Be aware that many of the largest trucks offered by rental companies require the driver have a commercial trucking license.

Recycle Your Packing Supplies When You’re Done

You’ve finally reached your new home or apartment and are beginning to unpack. While you put away your clothing and find the ideal spot for your television, take the time to recycle your packing supplies, especially your boxes. Your boxes and other leftover packing materials that are not recyclable, such as Bubble Wrap and packing peanuts, can be donated or given to a friend, as well.

If you’re planning a move, you have several easy, eco-friendly options. If you have any further questions about moving, or renting a moving truck and purchasing moving supplies, contact the professionals at Del’s Truck Rentals.

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