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If you rent a truck for your move or similar event, you need to know what you’ve gotten into. Driving a moving truck requires certain precautions that you may not have known about before. Read on for some quick and simple tips about truck safety. We understand that you don’t drive a large vehicle all the time, so we’ve given you some reminders to keep your journey safe and accident-free.

  1. Don’t underestimate your mirrors. You have larger blind spots than usual, so remember to check them often and avoid tight spaces.
  2. Trucks are also different in that they take longer to stop and need more space to turn. Compensate by stopping sooner and making carefully planned wide turns.
  3. Don’t forget that large trucks require special parking and even fuel. To avoid mishaps or inconvenience, plot out your stops ahead of time.
  4. You always stay safer while following rules of the road. Obey the speed limit—don’t feel pressured to go faster than you feel comfortable with.
  5. Find out how tall your truck actually stands before you begin your journey. Be mindful of any overpasses and public garages, so you can avoid, those with lower height clearance, and/or tight parking stalls.

We’ll Meet Your Rental Needs

The next time you need a truck rental in Seattle, WA, contact Del’s Truck Rentals. We service Seattle, Bellevue, and Everett, WA. We provide our customers with a variety of towing and trailer options, including open and covered varieties.

If your cargo is a little larger than this, we can accommodate you. We also offer pickup trucks and cargo or passenger vans for any moving need. Call us at 425-485-9189 today.

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