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Are you planning a road trip with your extended family? If you have to move a lot of people at once, you need to plan differently when it’s just you and your own children.

No matter whether it’s a reunion, a family wedding, or just a little vacation time, you can make sure everyone has a great time by following these ideas.

  1. Make the Trip as Efficient as Possible

If you have to move many people to the same destination, the best way to do it is in as few vehicles as possible. Instead of having a large caravan of tiny cars with just a few people each, pool your resources and rent vans that can fit large groups.

If you put your group into fewer vehicles, you’ll save money on gas — but that’s not the only reason to consolidate. You’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company more and have more fun if you spend time together on the road instead of being sequestered into separate cars. Additionally, fewer vehicles means it’s easier to keep the group together, which lessens the chances of someone getting lost or left behind.

While you plan your trip for your large group, make sure to include van rentals.

  1. Plan as a Group

The first step to ensuring a happy road trip is to understand the different members’ needs and expectations. This calls for a lot of communication during the planning process. Even if one person is taking the lead in planning, ask for input and feedback frequently. You may want to use collaborative products like Google Drive to share your notes, maps, route ideas, and packing lists among the group.

From the youngest to the oldest members, ask everyone what they want from the trip as well as what they don’t want. Make a priority list for individuals and the group as a whole, and put it in writing. 

  1. Decide on Stopping Points

Plan where you will stop for sightseeing, for meals, and for the night. Does everyone want to get to the destination as fast as possible or do they want to see the sites along the way? How long will kids last in the van together? What size towns or cities will be available on the route?

If you’ll be traveling out of cellular range, then be sure to have a paper map handy as a backup. Mark on it where you can find rest stops and gas stations, as well as towns large enough to provide meal stops. Depending on the ages and temperaments of your passengers, you may want to either combine breaks with sightseeing stops or space them out to provide more rest opportunities. 

  1. Spread Out at Night

After spending all day together in a large van, you will probably benefit from a little more privacy once you stop for the night. This may not be a good time to save money by putting everyone in one room. Instead, look for a way to give everyone more space, perhaps by renting an entire house.

Look for lodging with amenities that will appeal to everyone — from pools and play areas for kids to spas or excellent views for adults. 

  1. Pack Light

Traveling as a large group in one or even two vehicles means less room per person for suitcases. Take a look at the available space in your vehicles, measuring if necessary, and taking a few photos. This will give you an idea how much room you can allot to each family member. Communicate these space requirements as early as possible so everyone can be on the same page about packing. 

  1. Let Things Go

Be determined to have a good time, and you’re halfway to making it happen. Be humble and flexible, and compromise when you can to avoid lingering tensions.

Start planning your extended family road trip today by seeing the comfortable Mercedes Sprinter Vans available at Del’s Truck Rentals in Woodinville. We have everything you need to get your whole family on the road and start making memories that will last a lifetime. 

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