Moving Rentals That Aren’t a Truck

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Your business is expanding, which means you need to move into a bigger space. Just because profits are up, the money is coming in, and you’re on top of your game, doesn’t mean you should spend extra money on new furnishings when you move into your new property.

Being practical and a savvy business-person means taking your old office furniture, fixtures and everything else with you. Unfortunately, it also means that the move into your new space suddenly becomes a bigger challenge, but not a challenge you can’t handle.

Renting a truck is the first step in your move, but the truck is not the only rental that can make the trek from one place to another easier. What else do you need to move your commercial office, retail or other business space? Take a look at how to make your business-related move almost painless.

Rent a Dolly

Picking up and carrying appliances, furniture or even heavy boxes can cause muscle or back strain. Even though it may seem like a good workout, the repetitive motion and awkward positioning it takes to move your office or business items into a truck (and then back out again) can cause serious pain.

The possibility of production loss due to your injury — or an injury that one of your employees incurs during the move — isn’t a risk that you should take. Instead, rent a hand truck or dolly that can reduce the strain and make the move easier on everyone.

Choose a dolly that’s intended for the size, weight, and shape of your items or equipment. There are different types of dollies and hand trucks to choose from, depending on your moving needs. The moving or rental company can provide you with the choices that meet your needs.

Keep in mind that a hand truck or a dolly can help you move everyday items, such as boxes or filing cabinets, but you might need something more durable for larger, heavier items. The movers can also review maximum weight loads and heights sizes with you so that you know what kind of equipment you need.

When you do get your dolly, make sure to use it correctly. If you’re not sure how it works, ask the rental company before trying to load it. Improper loading can result in injury to you or your items.

Rent a Pallet Jack

Like dollies, pallet jacks help reduce the risk of injury during the moving process. While a pallet jack is a useful tool in a warehouse, you can also use it for heavy boxes and flat, sturdy items. Just make sure that the items balance well on the jack. If one side is tipping or the object has an awkward shape, the pallet jack may not be the right way to go.

Again, the best thing to do is explain your needs to the rental company so that they can offer you the best equipment for the job.

Rent Accessories

Along with making it easier to move items, some of your rentals can focus on making it safer to move them. One of the top safety or protection items is a moving pad. A pad may look like a regular blanket, but it does more than a plain quilt to protect your breakables.

Keep in mind, breakables don’t only include delicate items, such as glassware, vases or electronics. Wrapping furniture or large appliances with a pad can reduce the risk of chips, nicks, or breaks. You can also use moving pads in between boxes or other large items to pack the moving truck tightly.

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