Rent Moving Accessories: Dollies & Pallet Jacks in Greater Seattle Area

Sometimes you don't have as many helping hands as you would like, so rent moving dollies & accessories from Del's Truck Rentals in greater Seattle. And sometimes, even if you have adequate help, you still can't lift the heaviest or bulkiest items in your home or place of business. Instead, you need moving accessories like dollies or pallet jacks to transport your belongings safely.

At Del's Truck Rentals, we don't want you to have to buy these items. After all, you'll only use them once. Luckily, we offer a variety of moving supplies for rent near Seattle, WA. Choose from the options below to find the right tools for your relocation.

Moving Dollies & Accessories ONLY rented in conjunction with Truck or Trailer Rental.

When you need to rent moving dollies of any kind, we have you covered. We rent hand truck dollies, appliance dollies and vending machine dollies in the greater Seattle area. In addition, we have piano dollies for ease of moving large, heavy items. Furthermore, we have "Roll-Or-Kari Dual Trucks". We rent pallet jacks that can transfer material (able to lift up to 5500 pounds). Check out our large, heavy duty moving pads to protect your equipment and furniture. 


A side view of a hand truck.



Hand Truck Dollies Rentals

Manage your loads safely with one hand with the efficient P Handle Hand Truck. This traditional style truck has been a favorite with delivery and route drivers, as well as home movers, for years. These units have a 600 lb. payload.





A right side view of an appliance dolly.




Appliance Dolly

Our selection also includes appliance dollies, which stand 59" high, lift 850 lbs., and have a geared ratchet and strap to secure their payloads. They also feature 5" Moldon rubber wheels and stair rollers so you can move your appliances and other items out of difficult spaces.









A left side view of a vending machine dolly.



Vending Machine Appliance Dolly

Perhaps you need to move even heavier items. Our vending machine appliance dollies can assist you. Our customers use this bad boy They can carry up to 1,800 lbs., and they boast two strap points for extra security. They also have a two-to-four wheel capability.


A top view of a piano dolly.

Piano Dolly

A piano dolly is great for moving bulky furniture as well as pianos, with an 850 lb. payload. We have them in stock ready for you to rent.



A picture of a roll truck.Roll or Kari Dual Trucks

Common applications are as follows:

  • Piano and organ studios
  • Rental agencies
  • Carpet installers
  • Appliance dealers and distributors
  • Traveling organists
  • Furniture movers, and many others
  • Payload is 850 lbs.


This furniture-moving duet is a terrific way to move awkward pieces with ease. 

Front view of two pallet jacks.


Pallet Jacks

Sometimes a dolly doesn't quite cut it. In situations where you need to lift up to 5,500 lbs., opt for pallet jack rentals near Seattle, WA.


Two blue moving pads.

Heavy Duty Moving Pads

Protect your precious cargo. We offer protective moving pads to help your move go without causing damage to your items. We use Monster Moving Pads. Soft, durable, microfiber fabric provides maximum protection for fine finishes.

  • Heavy Padding
  • Tight zigzag double-lock stitching with linear batting
  • Dark blue & light blue with 3" matching dark blue binding
  • Dim: 80"L X 72"W



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