How to Protect Your Valuables in Every Phase of the Move

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A relocation represents a huge transition for everyone involved. You and your children have to leave your friends and neighbors behind and move to a new area. You may even have to start a new job or learn a new language.

You also have to prepare your belongings for their own transition. Some items you can throw in the back of your minivan, but other items, your valuables especially, will require careful preparation. You need to know how to secure these breakable objects to protect them from the elements.

Read these tips to prepare and package your valuables. Proper preparation guarantees that you’ll enjoy a worry-free move and that your valuables will survive intact.

When Hiring a Moving Company

Carry any birth certificates, passports, stock certificates, prescription meds, wills, and documents to close your home’s sale on your person.

Your Life in Boxes

Each of your special belongings demands special treatment when you pack it away. The following tips will update you on the best ways to protect valuables of all shapes and sizes.

Artwork or Framed Photos

Wrap art in multiple layers of soft paper. Don’t use bubble wrap-if it pops, it can leave marks on the painting. Use it only as a supplemental layer after the paper.

Antique Furniture

You don’t want to take any unnecessary risks with breakable furniture. Make sure you strap down or shrink wrap all doors and cupboards and put any handles or other hardware inside the drawers. Pad any glass with fabric or soft paper, and then gently cover the entire piece in bubble wrap and place in a crate.


If you held onto the original boxes for your china dolls or vintage action figures, use them. If not, wrap them in tissue paper and put them in a box filled with Styrofoam peanuts.

Dishes and Glassware

Wrap each individual dish in tissue paper and return to the original boxes. As a general rule, plates should be placed standing up, not stacked on top of each other the way you display them on your shelves.

Glasses and stemware fare best in their original boxes because these containers have structures to hold them steady. You also won’t have to label these boxes to identify your flatware.

If you don’t have original packaging visit Del’s Truck Rentals to purchase a variety of moving supplies including dish and glass packs made specifically to move your dishware and glassware without damaging them.

For bigger items, like vases and decorative bowls, select a new box that stands almost double the height of your item. Then fill the bottom layer of a box with crumpled up newspaper. Wrap the item in bubble wrap (bubbles facing in) and then set it in the box. You can put multiple items in the same box as long as they don’t touch each other. Then fill the box or container with more newspaper or packing peanuts.

Other Items

For mirrors and glass pieces, tape up the surface with an X to prevent shattering during the move. You should store books and other goods that are heavy but not particularly breakable in small- to medium-sized boxes. Larger boxes will buckle under the weight and scatter your belongings.

The Right Vehicle for the Job

Select a bigger moving truck to provide more space for your valuables. More square footage also means that you won’t have to risk stacking your valuables, and they won’t get crushed by other personal belongings during your move.

Loading Techniques

Once you’ve wrapped, stacked, and boxed up your breakable goods, the time has come to load up the moving van. Remember to arrange the heaviest items on the bottom to avoid crushing smaller items. Also, don’t stack boxes that aren’t completely full, or they might cave in and smash the delicate objects inside.

Checks and Rechecks

While on the way to your new location, periodically check to make sure the boxes in the van haven’t shifted around too much. If needed, rearrange some boxes or take some in the cab with you. When you arrive, unpack slowly and carefully so you don’t break any items in your haste.

If you follow these guidelines to prepare and protect your valuables, you will safeguard your most prized possessions from breakage. For more tips on moving your specific belongings, ask your truck rental company. 

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