Getting Married? 6 Moving Tips You Need

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As you plan your wedding, you realize that you’ll have to start looking for new housing. After all, if you live in a one-bedroom loft apartment by yourself, there might not be enough space for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

But amidst all the wedding planning and searching for an apartment, you might start to stress about everything you need to accomplish. If you don’t already live together, you need to find a place that fits both your needs and your future spouse’s needs. You also need to pack up two apartments and consolidate them into one new home.

To reduce the worry and stress you may feel during an already chaotic time, we’ve listed several tips for soon-to-be newlyweds to make the moving process easier. Read on to learn what you can do to make your upcoming move go more smoothly.

  1. Start About Two Months Before Moving Day

With so many things to plan and organize before your wedding day, you know that planning ahead of time is crucial for any task. This same idea also applies to moving. You don’t want to procrastinate packing, cleaning, and moving until right before your big day.

Instead, start the moving process at least two months before your set moving day. You have several chores to accomplish, and the more time you have to finish these tasks, the less stressed you’ll feel.

  1. Take an Inventory of Your Possessions

Before you even begin packing, you and your future spouse should take an inventory of all of your possessions. Compile a written or electronic document that lists everything you own. You may also want to include any items you expect from your registry as gifts.

By making an inventory of your possessions, you know exactly what you own and how much you need to transport between apartments or homes.

  1. Downsize All of Your Belongings

After you make your inventory list, you may want to downsize your belongings. Between you and your significant other, you may have duplicates of some items. For example, you and your future spouse may have two sets of dishes, several different pots and pans, and three or four couches.

Your new apartment or house may not be large enough to accommodate so many duplicate items. Additionally, the more belongings you have to move between locations, the more money you’ll spend on moving costs.

Rather than pay a lot of money to move unnecessary belongings, downsize your belongings. Go through your inventory list and decide which items you want to keep. For example, if you both have TVs, decide which one you want to keep and which one you want to get rid of. Sell, donate, or toss the unwanted items.

  1. Set a Schedule

Another great way to reduce stress as you plan a wedding and a move is to set a schedule. Choose a paper calendar you like, or use the calendar on your phone or another electronic device. Set time aside each day to pack and clean. You can also give yourself one week per month to work on one room in your apartment.

Start with packing your items into boxes and covering large pieces of furniture. Then, focus on cleaning each individual room and making repairs as needed. As you stick to a set schedule, you’ll be able to accomplish everything on your to-do list with ease.

If you have too many tasks to finish and not enough time to do everything, ask family members and friends if they can help you. Include these helpers in your schedule so you know who to expect on which days. This additional organization can make moving less of a burden and more of a fun opportunity to spend time with your loved ones.

  1. Take Breaks

As you work according to your set schedule, make sure to take breaks in between packing, cleaning, and moving. You don’t want to overwork

or overwhelm yourself. Use your break time to grab a bite to eat with your future spouse. After work, order in and watch a short movie to unwind.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll want to do something that keeps you calm and that rejuvenates you when you start packing again.

  1. Rent the Right Size of Moving Truck

You don’t want to rent a truck that’s too big or too small for the amount of items you need to transport. Once you’ve downsized and packed, contact your local moving truck renters to see what sizes of moving trucks they offer.

Not sure which truck will best fit your needs and budget? Talk to the staff at the moving company and ask them for their recommendation. They’ll ask you about how big your old apartment was to determine how much space you’ll need inside the moving truck.


As you prepare to move in with your spouse, use the tips in this blog to reduce your stress and make the moving process go much smoother. You should also contact a professional moving company to reserve your rental truck so it’s available when you need to move into your new home or apartment.

Want more tips about moving and packing? Check out the rest of our blog. You’ll find various tips and tricks to help you with every aspect of moving.

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