4 Must-Have Do-It-Yourself Moving Accessories

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When renting a moving truck for a do-it-yourself move, there are several accessories that you must have. If you’re moving soon, make sure you already own, purchase, or rent these four accessories so that your move can go smoothly.

1. Boxes

Boxes are the most obvious and the most essential moving accessory because they hold everything except the largest items. There are several different types of boxes that you should have on hand:

Flatbed Truck Rental in Seattle

Need to Rent a Flatbed Truck? Here are a Few Safety Tips…

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Do you need to rent a flatbed truck in Seattle area for a specific job or move? If this is your first time renting a flatbed truck, follow these safety procedures to complete a successful and stress-free move.

Use Experienced Personnel

Only experienced drivers and loaders should be in charge of any large truck rental. While these workers don’t necessarily need to have a CDL driver’s license if the truck body type doesn’t require it, the drivers should have relevant skills. These include maneuvering a large load through municipal areas, handling it in any weather you expect to experience (such as high winds or snow), and parking the vehicle safely.

Any drivers and those loading the truck should know how to safely use ratchet straps or chains (depending on the load) and should adhere to the highest quality standards. Your driver should never use a cell phone while loading or operating the truck, and they shouldn’t drive while tired or distracted. In other words, your driver should be professional and focused when moving such a large load.

Never Move Anything Unsecured

The most important thing to remember on flat beds is never to move anything while it’s not fully secured. Often, the temptation is to pull the truck forward or backward to accommodate loading or to re-position the vehicle while it’s being prepared.

Don’t give in to this temptation. Be certain that anything placed on the bed — no matter how small, stable, or seemingly insignificant it is — has been strapped down before you move the vehicle at all. Cover the truck bed with a tarp if anything might disengage.

Load Toward the Front

Most flatbed trailers and trucks are designed to carry the bulk of the load toward the front. While most newcomers would assume that the ideal load balance is 50/50 to the front and to the back, the ideal is actually more of a 60/40 balance.

If you have multiple items to load, start with the weightier, and place the heavier ends of specific items toward the cab. This positioning will cushion and balance the load and help prevent unnecessary shifting.

Check Your Load

Loads invariably shift a little once you get on the road. That means your best bet is to stop a few miles down the road to check how your load is secured. While this step may sound like an unnecessary delay, you’ll save time and money by preventing the load from coming loose on a highway. Stop the truck and check each strap or chain for tightness. Be willing to replace or re-secure some of the chains.

If possible, have a vehicle follow behind you to ensure that the load is stable. If you aren’t operating in a caravan, have another driver follow your truck for a mile or two — or onto the highway — to see how the cargo appears when traveling. If it’s secure, then after you check the load to verify safety, you should be good to finish the trip cautiously.

Avoid Backing

Even for experienced amateurs, backing up when renting a flatbed truck can be a challenge. Large, rented trucks are not familiar to most driver. Most may not be able to rely on instincts and familiarity to help them get into tight spots. Your best bet is to treat a long rented truck like a trailer and avoid situations where you need to put it into reverse. Such avoidance requires good planning, but it will save time and stress.

At Del’s Truck Rentals, we have experience with all types of flatbed trucks and equipment rentals. We can help you create a safe and successful move no matter what you transport. Learn more by calling us today to talk to a moving pro.

Why Rent a Van for Your Employees Before You Buy?

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The passenger van is an asset that you might not even realize your company needs. From business trips to meetings across town, a van is a business transportation alternative that all sizes of companies can explore. Before you invest in your own van, take a look at the benefits of renting one.

Major Investment Decision

Will your business benefit from a van? If you can’t answer this question definitively, renting a van allows you to try out this transportation option without making a major investment. While transporting your employees in the van, consider these pre-buying issues:

Finding the Right Hitch for Your Vehicle

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Whether you are planning on moving or simply want to tow some items across town, you will need to have a trailer hitch installed on your vehicle. However, matching your vehicle to a hitch and trailer can be complicated. You will need to make several measurements and know some specifics about your vehicle in order set up and tow correctly.

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right hitch.

5 Important Dos for Renting a Moving Truck

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Renting a moving truck for your commercial move is easy if you prepare ahead of time. Below are five important dos that will help make the rental experience the best it can be.

  1. Do Reserve Your Truck Early

    As with a lot of things in life, the earlier you make a reservation the better to insure that it will be available when you want to use it.

    Since you rent vehicles on a first-come-first-served basis, you may be stuck renting a vehicle that doesn’t meet your needs or wishes. That’s why you should make contact with a rental truck agency as soon as you know you will need a truck.

Tips for Renting a Dump Truck

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A dump truck is among the most important pieces of equipment at a construction or job site. A dump truck eliminates the need for manual material hauling, allowing contractors to save on labor costs, boost productivity and efficiency, and minimize job site hazards.

One way to save on construction costs is to rent a dump truck. Renting is a smart choice especially for short-term construction projects. While purchasing a new dump truck can set you back $100,000 or more, renting a dump truck might be a more cost-effective option for short-term needs. Renting further eliminates maintenance and repair expenses, which can add up quickly over time.

Read on to find out how to make the most of your dump truck rental.

Steps for Budgeting During Your Business’s Local Move

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Moving your business yourself may cost much less than hiring professional movers, but the part where you get yourself to another location still isn’t free. A budget and some other steps can help you financially prepare for a move and keep your costs manageable. Here’s how to make a budget for your local business move.

Step 1: Price a Moving Truck

Start by pricing how much a moving truck will cost you as soon as you know you’ll be moving. Truck rental companies provide quotes months out, and you’ll definitely need a truck since you can’t fit everything your business needs in your personal vehicle. By pricing a truck in advance, you might be able to save on the rental costs.

Tips for Planning and Executing an Eco-Friendly Move

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Between packing, planning, and finding friends willing to help lug boxes, moving can be very stressful. If you’re an environmentally conscious homeowner, you’ll also want to plan are location that doesn’t waste any of Mother Nature’s resources. Luckily, you can do several simple things to plan an environmentally friendly move.

Here are a few tips to help you plan and execute an eco-friendly move.

Moving Rentals That Aren’t a Truck

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Your business is expanding, which means you need to move into a bigger space. Just because profits are up, the money is coming in, and you’re on top of your game, doesn’t mean you should spend extra money on new furnishings when you move into your new property.

Being practical and a savvy business-person means taking your old office furniture, fixtures and everything else with you. Unfortunately, it also means that the move into your new space suddenly becomes a bigger challenge, but not a challenge you can’t handle.

Renting a truck is the first step in your move, but the truck is not the only rental that can make the trek from one place to another easier. What else do you need to move your commercial office, retail or other business space? Take a look at how to make your business-related move almost painless.

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