4 Ways to Save Money During a Move

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Moving is a costly process on its own, but with poor planning before a move, relocating can be a highly stressful and financially draining experience, both during and after the move. Fortunately, you can move while staying on budget. Use this guide to learn more about the things you can do to save money on your upcoming move.

  1. Create a Budget

You can’t possibly stay within your budget if you don’t know what your budget is. Step one to saving money is sitting down and creating a budget so that you know how much you can afford to spend. Create a list of all the expenses you expect to incur; include everything from the price of the labels you’ll use for packing to the cost of renting a moving truck.

The more inclusive you are, the less likely you are to face an unexpected cost. To leave extra wiggle room in your budget, add the total cost of all these expenses and then add an additional 5 percent to this figure.

  1. De-Clutter Your Home

The average person likely has some level of clutter in their home. Whether you have old children’s clothes in the garage or an extra bedroom set in the basement, you can save money by eliminating these items before you move.

The more items you have to move, the larger the truck you will have to rent, and possibly the more money you will have to spend. If you de-clutter now, then you can sell some of the items you don’t use anymore and take the money you earn and apply it to your move. You can also donate the items to charity as well. Either way, you’ll save money and eliminate clutter at the same time.

  1. Buy Quality Products

Some mishaps are genuine accidents and unavoidable. However, there are instances when you can prevent an accident. Your risk-reducing efforts should begin with the purchase of actual moving boxes.

Instead of asking your local grocery store for some of the boxes they’ve tossed out, you might want to think twice. These second-hand boxes are often worn and flimsy, which makes them unsafe for protecting your belongings.

These old boxes may also be wet and dirty, which can also cause damage. Should your items fall out the box and get damaged, you’d be stuck with the replacement cost. Always buy boxes designed for moving. 

  1. Double-Check Your Insurance Policy

Renters insurance isn’t just designed to protect your belongings when they are in your home. While you move, your belongings are still protected under the policy as you transport them from your old home to your new place. In the event you do have a mishap, such as someone stealing your belongings, you may be able to file a claim so that you can replace these items.

However, this is only an option when your policy is up to date. Double-check your coverage to ensure you have enough protection for all your personal items.

For example, say you were in an accident while transporting your household goods and suffered a total loss. The total value of your belongings was around $30,000, but you only had $20,000 in insurance coverage. In this instance, you would have to cover the extra $10,000 on your own. 

You work hard for your money, so you deserve to save as much of it as you can. Apply these tips to keep your moving cost as low as possible. For all your truck needs, contact Del’s Truck Rentals. With vehicle options ranging from vans to truck, we have a vehicle that will accommodate your moving needs and your budget.  

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