4 Must-Have Do-It-Yourself Moving Accessories

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When renting a moving truck for a do-it-yourself move, there are several accessories that you must have. If you’re moving soon, make sure you already own, purchase, or rent these four accessories so that your move can go smoothly.

1. Boxes

Boxes are the most obvious and the most essential moving accessory because they hold everything except the largest items. There are several different types of boxes that you should have on hand:

  • Mirror boxes are narrow and tall, making them perfect for mirrors, photographs, paintings, posters, and flat-screen televisions.
  • Wardrobe boxes have a metal bar for hanging up clothes, and they’re suitable for any articles you wouldn’t want to fold.
  • Small boxes are handy for books, magazines, and other heavy objects.
  • Medium boxes are all-purpose and hold lots of different things.
  • Large boxes are ideal for blankets, pillows, oversized stuffed animals, and similarly light objects.

Many people are surprised at how much stuff they own and how many boxes they need. Make sure you have some extra on hand when packing so you don’t need to cram things in or make a last-minute trip to get more of a certain type.

2. Hand Truck Dolly

A hand truck dolly is perhaps the most common type of dolly, and it’s so common because it’s highly useful.

This is a basic vertical dolly with a solid metal platform and two bars that run up parallel to each other. Hand truck dollies have a U-shaped handle on top, and some nicer ones have an additional handle for added convenience. The backside of the platform features two wheels, so you can tip the dolly backward and easily roll around whatever is loaded on it.

You’ll primarily use a hand truck dolly to move boxes, as you can stack several boxes up and quickly move them around. Stack them up and wheel them right into the truck. Once you get to your destination, you can slide the dolly beneath the already stacked boxes so you don’t need to bend over again before unpacking them.

Sometimes, these dollies are also useful when moving heavy objects. Since they slide right under items, you don’t need to worry about injuring your back when lifting things that weigh too much. You just need to make sure whatever you’re moving with the dolly fits on it securely. Putting straps, ropes or bungee cords around the two parallel bars can help secure loads.

3. Furniture Dolly

A furniture dolly is flat and low to the floor. It has a rectangular or square frame that’s on four wheels with one wheel on each corner.

While you might be able to use a hand dolly to move some small end tables and bookcases, a furniture dolly is necessary to move larger pieces of furniture. These are perfect for bookcases that aren’t narrow, dressers, coffee tables, easy chairs, and couches. Pick up one end of the furniture and slide the dolly underneath. You’ll be able to wheel the piece wherever it needs to go.

4. Furniture Pads

Furniture pads are like large blankets, except they’re extremely big and extremely well padded. These should be thrown over any furniture you have that you don’t want scratched. Make sure all sides and the top are protected in case items shift and rub against each other while you’re driving.

Getting furniture pads to remain in place is challenging at times. If you’re having trouble, use painter’s tape to secure the pad where it needs to be. Painter’s tape is designed to be put on and pulled off furniture and walls without leaving a mark. It won’t damage the pads or your belongings.

If you need these moving accessories, talk with Del’s Truck Rentals about getting outfitted for your move.

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